With the holidays fast approaching, you’re probably starting to think about flights. You most likely have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying one state over or to another continent, it helps to be prepared.

During heightened times of security, you’ll want to take the precautionary measures necessary to ensure safe travel for you and your loved ones. Getting started now is ideal because there are a lot of things that go into flying from the local airport. You’ll have luggage to consider and delays to avoid.

Here is how you can travel safely during the holidays:

  • Schedule shuttle services, so you don’t have to drive in traffic and worry about catching a flight. Door-to-door transportation service is safe, reliable, and affordable. It keeps you from having to park in airport parking lots, too, which gives you peace of mind and savings.
  • Keep a copy of all your important documents in your carry-on. If you were to lose your wallet or misplace your ID, you’d have what you needed as a photocopy to present to the proper authorities. Situations like this happen all the time. Rather than rely on your memory alone to make sure you have your wallet or purse on you at all times, keep a backup of the important information you need to access in your carry-on so you can access it if you need to.
  • Put all medications that you regularly take in your bag. You do not want to check your meds. You also don’t want to carry full bottles in the event they get lost or stolen. Hold onto old pill bottles with their labels and transfer the medication that you need into them. That way there isn’t any question that they’re yours. If you take insulin by syringe, keep a doctor’s note with you that states that is how you keep your blood sugar low.
  • Make sure your luggage doesn’t contain valuables but does have luggage tags with your name, address, and phone number on them. If your bags were to get lost, you’d have an easier time retrieving them. You won’t have to worry about someone not knowing who they belong to if you have them properly tagged.

The holidays give us plenty to celebrate. Traveling during the busiest transportation days of the year doesn’t need to be stressful. By booking a reservation with High Desert Shuttle right away, you’ll have one less thing to think about. You can take advantage of our door to door transportation service to and from the airport of your choice.

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