Adelanto Scheduled Airport Transportation Shuttle

Adelanto Scheduled Airport Transportation Shuttle | High Desert Transit

So, you’ve got the ultimate summer vacation planned, but you need a ride to the airport from your home. High Desert Shuttle has got you covered. The Adelanto scheduled airport transportation shuttle offers door to door services. You can reserve a shuttle for your trip to the airport as well as secure one for the day you return.

Passenger Services for Up to Three People

You’ll have no problem getting back to Adelanto after your trip. High Desert Shuttle will be there to pick you and your travel companions up. You won’t have to try to find a taxi or book an Uber driver. The good drivers at High Desert Shuttle will make sure that you have a safe and comfortable experience after a long trip.

That’s precisely what you’ll need while jet lagged. You shouldn’t be forced to drive home after flying in. Let us take care of you and your passengers.

Pets are Welcome to Travel with You

Our veteran owned door to door transportation services are an affordable way to travel to and from Adelanto. Pets are even welcome and accommodated for. All you have to do is let the company know that you’re bringing your furry friend with you.

Skip the Airport Parking Lot

Don’t spend a lot of money on airport parking. Leave your vehicle at home where it’s safe and sound. You can easily travel comfortably and stylishly in one of High Desert Shuttle’s outstanding and clean shuttles.

Discounts for Multiple Passengers, Military Members, and Seniors

You’ll be thankful that the service exists especially since there are discounts for multiple passengers, members of the military, and seniors. You and your family, friends or co-workers can travel together and arrive at the airport at the same time. This eliminates the confusion that you might have by arriving at different times to make the same flight.

Reserve the Shuttle of Your Choice Today

Schedule airport transportation today. High Desert Shuttle asks that you reserve your choice of shuttle right away. That way, we can conveniently take you to or pick you up from the airport of your choice with ease.

You’ll have a safe, comfortable ride to or from your choice of airport. You won’t have to try to drive yourself to meet an early or late flight. Let the company know your travel plans so they can best meet your needs.