So, you’re planning an upcoming trip that requires you to board a plane for the first time, and you’re understandably a little nervous! First of all, relax; millions of people fly every day, so you’ll do just fine. Still, there are some tips you can follow to ensure that your first flight experience goes as smoothly as possible—especially if you’re flying alone!

Invest in a Neck Lanyard

As you progress from airport check-ins, through security, and eventually to your gate, you’ll need to have your boarding pass, ID/passport, and other documentation readily available. Cut down on stress and reduce your chances of losing your ID or boarding pass by purchasing a neck lanyard, which you can use to store all your important documentation. You can also store money for snacks along with your phone in this convenient pouch for easy, hands-free access.

Check Terminal Screens

As soon as you get to the airport, search for the nearest terminal screen to check the status of your flight—even if you already received confirmation of your gate and departure time. Things can change at the last second, so you’ll want to double-check to ensure that your flight is still scheduled to leave on time and that you know which gate to go to. If you get confused here, feel free to ask an airport employee for help.

Keep Busy at the Gate

You’ll want to arrive plenty early to ensure that you don’t miss your flight, so keep yourself occupied at your gate by bringing along books, magazines, a tablet, or some other form of entertainment. Keep in mind that you can always buy books or magazines at the airport, but they tend to be a bit pricey.

Arrange Transportation Ahead of Time

Last but not least, consider making transport to and from the airport easier and less stressful on yourself by arranging for a shuttle service. For example, High Desert Shuttle offers reliable LAX and other airport shuttle services in the Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, and Adelanto areas to make your trip go much more smoothly.

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