The holidays are a time for celebrating. They’re a joyous occasion that often requires travel to get to loved ones and celebrations in other cities, states, and countries. If part of your holiday plans involves travel this year, there are ways to make it easier for you and your family. In fact, you can eliminate all signs of frustration by planning ahead and making arrangements now.

Five ways to make your holiday travel stress-free include:

  1. Book High Desert Shuttle for you and your family. We drive you to your choice of airports and provide you with door-to-door transportation services that save time and money overall. Our shuttles are clean, comfortable, and accommodating.
  2. Make sure that everyone has the identification they need to fly, rent a vehicle, and enter another country. Passports take time to receive so they should have already been ordered by now. Adults should have a government-issued driver’s license or identification card available to show to airline officials, so they see that you are the person whose name is on the ticket.
  3. Double check lodging or alternative sleeping arrangements. You want to make sure that you have somewhere safe and comfortable to stay during the holidays. If a friend or family member invited you, make sure that their original invitation hasn’t changed. If you’ve paid for lodging, it’s important to double check things to make sure that you still have a reservation.
  4. Make sure your furry friends are taken care of. If you don’t plan on traveling with your pets, task someone with the job of caring for them while you’re away. If you do plan on bringing your dog or cat with you, let our shuttle service know so we can make the ride just as comfortable for our four-legged passengers as our two-legged passengers.
  5. Accept that things happen without notice. Do your best to keep yourself entertained during layovers, delays, and such. Bring a good book, a knitting project or a few podcasts you’ve been meaning to listen to with you so that waiting for your flight doesn’t seem so daunting.

You don’t need to be stressed before or while traveling. Let High Desert Shuttle take care of the airport transportation portion of your plans. Just as soon as you know when you’ll be flying out and arriving back to the airport, let us know so we can make arrangements to drop you off and pick you up at the terminal.

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